Shown below are the 7-steps Christie's Basket Express takes to ensure that every Gift Basket and Gift Box shipped will arrive in the same condition as presented in our catalog or as custom ordered: 




(1) Firmly secure all the contents placed in the Gift Basket or Gift Box. (2) Shrink-wrapped to protect all contents. (3) Tie-on the hand-made bow & gift card. (4) Enclose the Gift Basket or Gift Box with 3 coverings of bubble-wrap. (5) Cover-seal the top layer of bubble-wrap for strength to further protect all contents and the bow & gift card during shipping.

(6) After being placed in a Uline cardboard shipping box, Eco-friendly paper is used as cushioning material around and over the protected Gift Basket or Gift Box to firmly secure it in place. (7) The shipping box is completed and sealed with 3M "Fragile Handle With Care" tape, Christie's Basket Express Shipping label, and two arrows-up "Please Ship This Side Up".

With this extra care Christie's Basket Express takes in packing your chosen Gift Basket or Gift Box, you can be assured it will be safely shipped anywhere you desire and confident it will be received just as you ordered it.


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